Time to shop… January 8, 2011

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Have you seen that show “Outrageous Foods” on the Food Network? Man it is making me hungry. Which is really absurd considering the weird stuff they have on there. At least it is somewhat motivating me to go to the grocery store. I hate the grocery store. OK, not the grocery store itself – but the act of shopping doesn’t thrill me.

I shop primarily at Winco. Winco’s prices are great, but man you sure have to work for it! I mean, think about it.

#1 You walk down the isles putting food in your cart as you go. Typically having to play bumper carts with people who don’t understand the concept of two lanes of traffic on an isle. It is just like a street people! Northbound on the right, southbound on the left – it really isn’t that hard! So you load up your cart while trying not to get mown, mowed, ??? down.

#2 You get up to the register and try to figure out which check out lane has the best checker with the least people waiting. You’re up. You now start UNloading your cart onto the conveyor belt. It goes along nicely with the checker speedily scanning your food and sending it on its way down the next conveyor to the bagging area. You then proceed to the end of the lane and TURN YOUR CART AROUND AT THE END OF YOUR OWN LANE. It would seem though that all the people who don’t know the proper traffic patterns on the isles also do not have the sense to do this so their carts are all willy-nilly in everyone’s way.

#3  Your now purchased food is ready to be bagged. You try to bag as quickly as you can because those checkers book it! They have 2 sides of the lane that they can check out. I feel like I am always in a race against the person across from me to see who can get done first. I usually lose. For one, I have 4 kids and a husband along with myself  that I have to shop for. That alone already puts my quantity of groceries above the average family (you should hear some of the comments I get when I purchase our weekly 6 gallons of milk). On top of that, I am quite anal about HOW I bag my groceries. I have a method. It makes perfect sense, and I am sure others do this or would benefit greatly if they did. I put all refrigerated items in the same bags, freezer items in same bag, fruit together, boxes together, cans together, etc, etc…

#4 Now, you have to make your way out (in the pouring rain much of the time in the beautiful Northwest) to your car and UNload your now bagged groceries from the cart and LOAD them into the car. All the while people are parked waiting with their blinker on to take your spot. I feel so much pressure to get done and get out of there. Interestingly enough – I saw one time a study they did on Dateline that showed that people who KNOW someone is waiting for their spot take like 30% LONGER to finish than people who don’t have anybody waiting. Crazy huh? Well, I am not one of those people.  I rush to get the heck out of the way.

#5 Finally, I get home and holler for the husband and kids to get the groceries. Since I did the shopping, they bring the groceries in the house. I think it is only fair, don’t you? So the kids mope skip happily out to the car and sing songs of joy as they bring in my bounty. Actually, they usually are thrilled to bring in the groceries so they can pilfer through and call dibs on whatever snacks I have brought home, since of course it has been ages or at least 6 days since the last time I went to the store and everyone is starving!

#6 Last of all, it is time to put away the groceries. Everyone usually chips in and puts away a different category of food (see how handy bagging the different types of groceries together is?). The shopping trip is now done.

Each item of food has now been handled how many times? Hmmm, let me count. Shelf to cart, cart to conveyor, conveyor to bags, bags to cart, cart to car, car to house, house to pantry. SEVEN times! No wonder I hate going to the grocery store – it is exhausting work.

I think I just lost my motivation. And my appetite.


2 Responses to “Time to shop…”

  1. Mom Says:

    I take partial credit for your anal abilities to bag grocery’s, just ask your Dad he is not alloud to bag groceries, he has to pay……

  2. spicemama Says:

    Dan bags groceries for me a lot of the time if he goes with me. He does a decent job, but today was too tired to go. 😦

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